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LOVIN' in the OVEN'

Karl and Paul refrain from the use of harsh CDROM burners. Instead, they choose to bake each copy of LOVEDISK individually in the oven. Set @ a mild 222 degrees, they monitor the warmth given to each CDROM via the oven light.

. . .ting! "looks like this one's done. mmmm mmm. This is gonna be good!"

LOVEDISK Well-Done and Medium Rare

An early beda version of LOVEDISK is 1 of 9 projects featured on the 1995 New Voices New Visions anthology CDROM. You can order the CD direct from Voyager or try to find it at place like Barnes and Noble.

A demo version of LOVEDISK is also featured on a CDROM included with the I.D. Magazine 42nd Annual Design Review.

Currently LOVEDISK is on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York city.
(or is that Queens?)

Order today for $19.95 and get a free bundle of GINSU-LOVE! Ask Paul or Karl for a copy of LOVEDISK_

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