D.O.B.:  10/26/72
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: Karl Ackermann
Voice: 212 689 6621
Email: paul@avsi.com


D.O.B.:  8/25/73
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 173
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: Paul Kim
Voice: 415 864 1343
Email: emailkarl@usa.net

During early childhood, Paul became familiar with the nightmare. He saw it all. Men in black descending onto the night. He remembers the blood and can still hear the screams. They burned his memories and stole his soul. In place of innocence grew a deep seeded bitterness.


Paul vowed to avenge the men in black and when that day came a new nightmare was born.

Dr. Deathwish

There was never enough hate and everywhere Paul went, a trail of bloody murder accidents would follow. He had become a mercinary, a killer for hire. in time, his rage became legendary thus, earning the name "DOCTOR DEATHWISH." From powerful heads of state to an unlucky "joe" licking his gelato, if a price was put on a head, it was the obligation of Doctor Deathwish to not only bring the man down but the walls down as well.

The 80's was a period of hardship and transition for the mercenaries of that era. Anger and bitterness where displaced, black and white clouded to grey and integrity was replaced with the "X." Phenomena like disco and breakdance frightened and confused Paul. The ways of "Doctor Deathwish" faced serious obsticles.

Living in the 90's had reduced "Doctor Deathwish" to nothing more than a fairy-tale icon, sort of like the Boogie Man or Santy Claus. And his once promising job as the "puppet master" at Sea World didn't seem to be panning out. Fed up and disgruntled, he deserted Ohio and the puppets to head for a more familiar territory. The recent unrest in Europe created a position for Paul as a gun runner in Somolia. It wasn't until Somolia (1994) that Paul finally met *Karl Ackermann. Paul was stationed at a Serbian mountain camp to gaurd an arsenal of weapons when he came across a young man meditating behind a bush. With a divine authority, the bush man slowly rose and turned to Paul proclaiming, "I am Karl, walk out of the "shadow" and join me in the light..." Speechless and awestruck, Paul could barely mutter the words, "b-but it's t-t-too l-late f-for m-m-m-me." Karl replied, "Hmmm...? Sure you've heartlessly taken countless lives in the name of vengence, but you are true in spirit. Reconcile with the monster you once were and come with me. Tabula rasa, my phriend... tabula rasa." The hard shell which was once "Doctor Deathwish" was exposed and his stubborn heart was finally broken. In 1994, Paul dropped his gun and picked up a dream. A Soldier Of Fortune was transformed into a Soldier Of Love:

from S.O.F. to S.O.L.

Eventually, Karl and Paul both attended and graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design '95. Currently, Paul lives in New York City and Karl lives in San Francisco. Separated by the vast American landscape, Karl and Paul have recently begun construction on a bridge connecting the two distant cities.

*see: -Karl Ackermann bio

-Karl Ackermann "CLASSIFIED INFORMATION" link-
Over the course of his life, Karl has sought to unify his mind, body and soul through the discipline of Yoga. Now, as he nears his goal, Karl must test himself and his skills berfore he can rise to a higher state of consciousness. By controlling his mind and body, Karl is able to extend his arms and legs great distances. However, his greatest skill is his patience. He knows that he does not stand a chance in a slugging match. Instead, he concentrates on using his unique abilities to keep his enemies at a distance and to slowly wear them down. While Karl will do everything he can to win, he will never hurt his opponent more than necessary and will only rarely resort to his Body Torpedo Combo or Roundhouse Fire Trap.
-Karl Ackermann "CLASSIFIED INFORMATION" link-

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