Karl speaks to Paul:
I saw a racoon and thought of you. I saw a skunk and thought of how far we are apart.

Paul speaks to Karl:
...then the pop rap song by Heavy D slowly fades in: "now that we've found love, what are we gonna do.... with it."

Paul speaks to Karl:
hello karl,
    i am very greatful. greatful for our successful congealation-- for the books "cuntalingus" and "men without stones." i'm not so sure why, but i just get down sometimes in this place. maybe i'm just lonely but that doesn't seem right eighther. sometimes i'll just sit here--- on the other end of the country and dream. i dream about you and me.
    like friday nights, a lot of times i'm out with some people just hanging out or drinking maybe at a party or at some bar and i stop to think... "why am i out here- in the dark of the new york night spending money pretending i like the taste of beer. i'm not even enjoying myself." then i think about how X FILES is on every friday night and how i would've been better off at home all along-- whatching X FILES.

friday night-----------life


x files----------------our dreams

bad taste of beer-------nyc nights

Karl speaks to Paul:
I've been shot through the heart and lie dead...icated at your feet_

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